A downloadable Thrive

Genre: Mystery / Choice-Game / Sci-Fi

It’s a mix of a lot of influences I’ve gathered through the years. You play as LITERALLY third person, not being sure of what you are, nor what you will be achieving.
You’re following a being not able to thrive on its own.
You are its higher power, meaning you have the power to guide the creature to be a better version of itself.

The game let’s you progress by choosing which route to follow. Each path has different perspectives. All paths follow the same thread.
The alpha mainly focuses on the first steps towards evolution. Ranging from a few of the options, more will be added at later stages.
This is but a tip of the iceberg for what I have planned, as the next stages will move towards other aspects of the world it’s living in.

While playing, users will notice that I’ve created a vivid world that twists and turns at every corner. WE are not alone. Each choice has consequences, each choice will expand into even more choices.
There are BAD choices, yet the creature is neither good nor bad. The game has a sense of duality in it, but not the way it usually works.
To avoid these bad choices I’ve created THREE basic rules to follow. The first rule is already implemented in the alpha, but for you to find out!

I took my inspiration from Spore, Telltale games and No Man Sky. But a bigger resemblance can be seen as a complete opposite of The Stanley Parable.

Main selling point: REPLAY
Since every path opens another perspective of the same thread, it’s impossible to understand the story if you follow only one path. You are obligated to try different courses just to comprehend different takes on the environment.
The alpha has something secret included to elaborate on this idea, if certain conditions have been met.

Unique Illustrations
All things included have been made or modified by myself. It almost feels like a picture book. Even the choices are drawings made by my hand, digitalised and enhanced to become part of the game.

Install instructions

Unzip & play!


thrive-1.1-linux.tar.bz2 37 MB
thrive-1.1-mac.zip 33 MB
thrive-1.1-pc.zip 49 MB